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Letter from Minister to Heads of Council

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Dear Head of Council:

I am pleased to provide you with the requirements for the 2013 Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) in the attached list of measures and schedule.  The program contributes to improved delivery of municipal services across Ontario by providing a standardized set of efficiency and effectiveness measures for key service areas.  By reporting MPMP results to the public, Ontario municipalities are achieving a level of transparency and accountability which has gained both national and international recognition.

All municipalities are required to report data for 2013 MPMP measures to the Ministry by May 31, 2014 and to the public by September 30, 2014.  Municipalities are asked to notify their regional Municipal Services Office of the date when and method how they reported their MPMP results to the public.  Municipalities determine the best way to report to the public and can use the reporting templates provided by the Ministry.

For the 2013 reporting year, MPMP measures are the same as those for 2012 – with the exception of measures for Building Permits and Inspection Services. After reviewing historical MPMP data, and in consultation with municipal experts, the Ministry has revised these measures so that they provide a clearer picture of municipal practices.

The MPMP is a tool for comparison of results, which can help start a dialogue and advance local government priorities of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery and accountability to the public. All MPMP data submitted by municipalities in previous years are available to the public on the Internet at:

Program data are also used by the Ontario Municipal Knowledge Network (OMKN) as a starting point to identify innovative municipal practices that are then shared among municipalities. The OMKN is administered by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), with a mandate to enable information sharing to improve municipal services.

I also invite municipalities to subscribe to the Municipal Information Data and Analysis System (MIDAS), AMO’s web-based software tool for the municipal sector.  MIDAS provides municipalities with free access to MPMP and Financial Information Return data to enable staff to perform year-over-year comparisons of your municipality’s data and to generate comparisons with other municipalities of your choice.  Please email AMO directly at to receive your MIDAS password.

As you may be aware, the Ministry is making adjustments to how the MPMP is administered. The Ministry will be working closely with the municipal sector as we move forward.

Thank you for your on-going work to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in providing public services through your participation in measuring and reporting municipal performance.



Linda Jeffrey




c:  Chief Administrative Officer
Municipal Treasurer/Clerk-Treasurer
MPMP Advisory Committee Members