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Third Party Advertising

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In the context of an election, a third party is an individual or group that is not a candidate.
A third party advertisement is a message that is not paid for or sponsored by a candidate. A third party advertisement either supports or opposes a candidate or takes a position on an issue.
A third party advertisement can be communicated through radio, television, newspaper, the internet or any other type of media. Campaign buttons, signs, or other things that identify supporters or opponents of any candidate can also be types of third party advertising.

Currently, there are rules for people who want to campaign for the “yes” or “no” side of a municipal question on the ballot. There are no rules for third party advertising that supports or opposes a candidate -- or candidates -- in Ontario municipal elections.

The review asked about your thoughts on third party advertising in municipal elections.

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The deadline for public submissions and input was July 27, 2015.