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2015 Unit Rent Factors for Private Non-Profit Housing Corporations

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Subject: 2015 Unit Rent Factors for Private Non-Profit Housing Corporations

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The Unit Rent Factors (URF's) are used in the calculation of subsidy in the budgets of private non-profit housing corporations. There are Unit Rent Factors for each of the approximately 150 rent districts in the province. Unit Rent Factors are updated annually by the ministry using Consumer Price Index data from Statistics Canada to reflect changes in local market rents.


Non-Profit providers are required to use the Unit Rent Factors on Page 3 of the Private Non-Profit Operating Budget Form 810(01/95).

There are separate Unit Rent Factor tables for apartments and townhouses. Unit Rent Factors are provided for each rent district for units with various numbers of bedrooms. The tables also provide different Unit Rent Factors to reflect the various utility inclusion scenarios in the rent paid by residents, i.e. no utilities, heat only, hydro only and both heat and hydro. It is important that the correct figure reflecting the scenarios included in market rents be used in the subsidy calculation.

There are no Unit Rent Factors for stacked row housing. For any units considered to be stacked row housing, the average of the apartment and townhouse Unit Rent Factor for the same unit type should be used.

There are no Unit Rent Factors for hostel units, as it is assumed that rent geared-to-income tenants almost exclusively occupy these units. All hostel units should be treated as rent-geared-to-income for subsidy calculation purposes.

Administrators may set a project specific URF for one or more classes of units for a particular housing provider if in their opinion the published URF does not properly reflect the local rental conditions.

Private Non-Profit Housing providers will use the 2015 Unit Rent Factors in the calculation of subsidy when preparing their 2015 budgets for private non-profit projects under administration by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care or The Ministry of Community and Social Services.

For more information. please contact the ministry:
Erich Freiler
Telephone: (416) 585-6193

Keith Extance
Housing Funding and Risk Management Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

1.  2015 Schedule for Unit Rent Factors for Apartments - PDF
2.  2015 Schedule for Unit Rent Factors for Townhouses - PDF