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Highlights of New Policies: Provincial Policy Statement, 2014

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Materials are available to assist planning authorities and decision-makers with implementing the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS), 2014.  They highlight what’s new in the PPS, 2014 and provide an overview of some of the key policy changes by topic area.

PPS, 2014 Policy Highlights:

Download a table showing key changes by policy area (PDF) to help support implementation of the PPS, 2014.

Download presentations that provide an overview of the PPS, 2014 and identify key policy changes by main policy section:

Note to user: These materials should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice in connection with local activities and decisions pertaining to land use planning and design. Independent legal or professional advice should be obtained when determining the interpretation and application of policies, regulations, programs, strategies and planning and financial tools. Responsibility for decisions remains with the user.