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After Voting Day

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Tied votes

If two or more candidates get the same number of votes, and they can’t all be elected, there is an automatic recount. The recount must be held within 15 days of the clerk declaring the results of the election. If you are one of the candidates in the tie, you are entitled to be at the recount.

If the recount shows that there is still a tie, then the legislation says that the election will be decided by lot. This means putting the names of the tied candidates into a hat (or other suitable container) and drawing the name of the winner.


Recounts are only automatic in the case of a tie. In all other cases a recount must be requested in order to happen.

A recount can be requested by a council or a school board. Councils and boards have 30 days after the clerk declares the results to do this. If you ask council or the board to request a recount and they refuse, you can apply to the Superior Court of Justice for an order to hold a recount.

Anyone who is an eligible elector may also apply to the court for the recount. This application must be made within 30 days of the clerk declaring the results of the election.

Recounts must be conducted in the same way that the votes were originally counted, unless the recount is ordered by the court. If the votes were counted using a machine, the council or board may not request that the recount be conducted by hand.

If the recount is ordered by the court, the judge may order that the votes be counted in a different manner if the judge believes that the way the votes were counted the first time was a factor. 

Wrapping up your campaign

After voting day, remember to remove any election signs that have been put up, and also to take down your campaign website, if you have one. If you would like to keep using your website, you should remove any references to the campaign. Websites that say “Vote for me” which are left up for years after the election can make it look like you are attempting to campaign for the next election early.

Your campaign must end on December 31 unless you have a deficit and inform the clerk in writing that you are going to extend your campaign. Once your campaign has ended, you should close your campaign bank account and prepare your campaign financial statement.

Financial statements must be filed with the clerk by 2 p.m. on Friday, March 27, 2015.

Start of term of office

The term of office for the new council or school board begins on December 1, 2014.